Allison Begalman (she/her)




Allison Begalman graduated from USC's Writing for Screen and Television program. The concentrated female energy from her single-mom Jersey household turned her into a super feminist, leading her to create USC's first Feminist Media Festival. Allison’s feature script, B1, made Tracking Board/ Launch Pad’s 2017 Hit List and was the Runner Up for 2018 Script Pipeline Competition. Her comedy digital series, FIRST LADY PROBLEMS, is currently streaming on Revry. Previously, Allison assisted Sam Catlin on PREACHER. She also worked for Sue Naegle and Patrick Chu  at Annapurna Pictures. Currently, she is the Writer's Assistant on an upcoming Annapurna/ Hulu series. Outside of writing, Allison organizes socially/politically within Hollywood. Along with being the president of Young Entertainment Activists, Allison also runs QXX, a queer-female industry sorority, and is the alumni coordinator for USC's Feminist Media Festival. She also owns too many pairs of Frida Kahlo socks and invites anyone who has read this entire bio to take them off her hands. 

Jessica Good (she/her)




Jessica Good is an experienced entertainment professional with a drive to create large scale social change across industries. A San Francisco native with a BA in Film & Media Studies from Whitman College, Jessica began her career working for the SF Public Defender, SF Behavioral Health Court and volunteering in juvenile halls across the west coast. Jessica transitioned into entertainment, working for PBS, Focus Features, ABC Studios and documentary filmmaker, Cullen Hoback. She took an agent trainee position at United Talent Agency in both the Motion Picture Literature department and Television Literature department. To provide philanthropic and impact-oriented opportunities to A-list talent, Jessica left UTA to work for Rick Yorn, CEO of LBI Entertainment. Jessica was promoted to coordinator shortly after and oversees day-to-day operations of clients such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Justin Timberlake, and Martin Scorsese, among others. Jessica is the founder of NextStep, an organization for young women in entertainment, and created the associate board for non-profit InsideOut Writers, a creative writing program in juvenile halls.

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