Allison Begalman (she.her) Executive Director & Founder




Allison Begalman is an LA-based writer, organizer, and founder with a BFA from USC’s Writing for Screen and Television program where she founded their first Feminist Media Festival.  Along with being the founder/executive director of Young Entertainment Activists, she created QXX, an organization connect queer female/trans/non-binary folks within Hollywood.  Outside of organizing, Allison writes for television and film. Her sci-fi drama, B1, was featured on the 2017 Hit List and was the runner-up for thee 2018 Script Pipeline Competition. Allison has   worked at companies including Creative Artists Agency and Annapurna Pictures, as well as on  TV series such as Sony TV/AMC’s PREACHER and Annapurna TV/Hulu’s MONSTERLAND. 

Samuel Rubin (he.him) Chief of Impact




Born and raised in Barcelona, SAMUEL RUBIN has produced several social impact audiovisual initiatives and co-led various multidisciplinary projects. His most recent work, “Colis Suspect” is a feature-length documentary about border security in the context of terrorist alerts. The film premiered in the Tetouan Film Festival, where it received the Best First Film Prize. Samuel’s commitment to activism revolves around student and women’s rights, as well as immigrant and asylum-related issues. He’s currently producing “Fight Forward” a feature documentary following several student activists in their quest for debt free universities and affordable higher education. He completed a B.A. in Film and Television at UCLA.

Cam Lindsay (he.him) Chief of Strategy




Cam Lindsay is a multi-disciplinary businessman with a background in sales and business development in the AR/VR industries. Cam’s passion is centered around using technologies to bring communities and experiences to life in newfound ways that help deepen our interpersonal connections. From producing the first AR-enabled stage at Coachella to directing a 4-player location-based AR rhythm game, Cam thrives at the intersection of human connection, technology, and business strategy. Within YEA!, Cam is incredibly excited to lead the development and launch strategy of YEA!’s strategic consulting arm.

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