at yea! We imagine ...

A world where young people (especially busy working professionals!) are civically engaged on a daily basis. 

A world where instead of being depressed after listening the news, wondering how the heck they can do anything to make an impact, they instead leave feeling activated: Ready to engage their friends and colleagues in difficult conversations about local, national, and global issues. 

Our vision is to make exercising your activist muscle a daily routine!


our mission

YEA! is the the hub for activism in entertainment. A nonprofit organization, we provide tools and resources for our community of 2000+ Hollywood leaders to make an impact in their industry and in the world. 


pillars of impact

How do you measure the impact of an event? How do you track it over time?


Informational panels with experts followed by immersive workshops 


Policy Change

Action items based on local and national policies

Social Impact Media Community Building

Teaching Young Hollywood how to see their work through an impact lens



Environmental Justice 

Climate Change is the biggest threat to both our community and to the natural world. At our May Hollywood Sustainability Summit, we will sign hundreds of companies onto the  Creative Initiatives Pact

Diversity &  Inclusion

YEA! works to interrupt the Hollywood Pipeline