at yea! We imagine ...

A world where young people (especially busy working professionals!) are civically engaged on a daily basis. 

A world where instead of being depressed after listening the news, wondering how the heck they can do anything to make an impact, they instead leave feeling activated: Ready to engage their friends and colleagues in difficult conversations about local, national, and global issues. 

Our vision is to make exercising your activist muscle a daily routine!


we started because ...

A lot of us in Young Hollywood are unhappy about the state of the world. 

We want to make a difference! 

But we're flakes who have no f**king time. 

So we wanted to find a way to make activism easy... for everyone.


our mission

YEA! is the the hub for activism in entertainment. A nonprofit organization, we provide tools and resources for our community of 1700+ Hollywood leaders to make an impact in their industry and in the world.